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Good Business

So glad this podcast is back with more great info and insights on building or maintaining a successful business. Keep it up, Bryan!

Great podcast!

Bryan consistently delivers. Great show!!!

Exciting and Intriguing and Interesting

I love the banter between Bryan and Melissa. A different approach to the world of business. A fun show for a serious topic.


Good Info for small businesses everywhere to help them grow

Awesome content

The format is really easy to follow and the content is awesome!!! Can learn quick lessons for every episode. Will be coming back for more principals!

Keep them coming!

This is why I love listening to podcast so much. Great content with great topics. Nice work.

Great Content Delivered with Humor

Bryan and Melissa are a great pair, and make the topic of business interesting and easy to listen to. I just listened to Episode 47 on the topic of “start-ups.” It was nice to listen to them analyze this new buzz word and bring some perspective to this entrepreneurial concept.

Honest and FUN!

You’re not just getting what to do here - you’re getting what NOT to do. Benefit from Bryan and Melissa’s experience - they will rescue you from mistakes you haven’t made yet!

Powerful info

First off, I'm enjoying the production quality of this show. I also like the multiple topics covered and the truly useful info shared ... not just info I've heard before. It's worth the time to listen for sure!

The Good & the Bad Makes this GREAT

Love this show! I've always been fascinated by PR and Marketing that various companies do, and this show takes you deep into the belly and underbelly of this industry.

Love the Angle

I love that Bad Business shares the good AND the bad.. Awesome show here with a fresh new angle!

Straight forward dos and don'ts

I'm liking the banter between the hosts, Bryan and Melissa, but more importantly they're going to tell you straight out, through interviewing their guests, the dos and don'ts of business so you don't have to learn the hard way.

Thanks Bryan and Melissa

Thanks for the tips. This is a really helpful podcast.


Great insights on catch phrases. I am gonna use some just to tease my team. Thanks for the info!

No other podcast like it

I love the super unique angle of this show. The co-hosts have an amazing rapport, and the case studies they discuss are amazingly insightful. LOVE IT. Really glad I found it.

Love your Intro!

This is a great and informative show great dynamic between the host and co host. Your intro is awesome.


This is a great take and twist on business discussions from all the others out there. Keep the podcast going Bryan and Melissa #YouGotThis

Bryan and Melissa Bring It!

I love the fun you bring to serious sh!t that needs to get done. Keep on bringing it!

loving this podcast

Epic show, great value glad to have discovered this. :)

LOVE it!

So much insight and actionable info! And entertaining to boot! What a great resource. I’m your newest loyal listener!

Interesting & Insightful

Great show, really enjoyed listening to some of the insights and banter between the hosts is great too!

Looking forward to more

It’s nice to finally find a business podcast I can connect with!

A MUST For Your Portfolio

I totally applaud the angles that Bryan and Laurel take here! Sooo entertaining, and that grain of truth that makes it all worthwhile! What a great listen!

good show

useful discussions and informative. keep it up!

Worth the listen!

You can hear the chemistry that Laurel and Melissa have right from the beginning. Love the back in forth in the conversation. Very fun to listen to. Great topics and great guests. Very fun to listen to this podcast!

Leap And the Net Will Appear!

I can totally relate to Bryan and Melissa because I too left the "corporate" world to pursue my passion full time. Therefore, it is excellent that there is a show that will help to guide and inspire people through that transition. Awesome show!

It’s the right BAD...

Bryan and Melissa have created a great show. Whether you’re into PR, or want to understand how to get exposure for your product, this is a great place to start.

Bad Business = Great show

Great chemistry between the host. It was like a sunny day! LOL

Fun, Entertaining and Interesting!

Guys really LOVE your show. You two really have energy and connection, which comes through so well. Can't wait to hear more from you guys!

Good Business

Lots of great information in this show. Keep up the great episodes.

Take a listen you’ll have fun

I think the banter between Bryan and Melissa is fun and they cover a lot of broad topics. They review the PR and actions that business are taking in response to events. If you like an NPR style show you will enjoy this.

Give it a try

Bryan and Melissa have great chemistry, and love their ‘lighter’ outlook on a serious topic!

Great show. You are going in my contact list!!

Thanks Bryan and Melissa this is great information for many of us starting out. I will continue to turn in

A fun and informative look a the foibles of business

A lot of things can go bad in business, but one good thing is “Bad Business” with Bryan Laurel and Melissa Epstein. These two have a great chemistry, and explore the foibles of business, both good and bad, in this fun and informative podcast. ~ Kevin Craine

Man is this show BAD!

LOVE the show! The hosts have great chemistry, the content is good (bad) and really helpful…looking forward to more!

Fun concept, totally informational!

This is awesome. Great energy between the hosts and most importantly, really useful information! Keep up the great work!

Tastefully tactful

Great concept and I also agree if it were a tad shorter it could work well for the usual commute/exercise type listening! Great show! Andre, Side Seat Driver Podcast

The Unvarnished Truth About Business

Great podcast with the unvarnished truth about the mistakes that we ALL could make. Appreciate the dose of snark as they profile some of the errors that businesses make, which we can use to prevent doing the same thing.

Sweeeeeet Show - awesome

This is so cool, real and refreshing! Awesome show!

Great Show

As I continue to grow my business, thanks for sharing stories of things that maybe I should do and that I probably shouldn’t! Keep it up!

Informative and Fun

Definitely glad to have given this podcast a chance. I work in a large company, and while the content is primarily geared towards smaller more entrepreneurial organizations - it offers solid insights that can be applied to any size company. It helps that they both seem genuine and throw some fun in there!

Baaaaadddddd to the Bone!!!

Raw and real! Perfect for businesses who are tired of the fluff and want to hear the good, BAD, and ugly. Take a listen. It'll be worth your time!

Great Energy and Conversational Style

Hosts have a great conversational style! Enjoy the topics and actionable strategies.

Great show!

So pleased to have found this great show! My wife and I love listening to this show together. The combo of Bryan and Melissa is so refreshing. Your back and forth is so natural and awesome. Good do's and don't's for business owners. Worth a spot on your iTunes podcast self.

Great for entrepreneurs

Just listen to episode Zero of Bad Business. Love the concept. I will be listening to this podcast :)

Smart and snarky indeed!!

GREAT podcast!! Very knowledgable, passionate and easy to listen to hosts talking about a LOT of great topics and delivering the goods! Nicely done and I look forward to hearing more. Darrin BWN

great guests

Love the guests!! Very easy to listen to.

Lovin’ the advice (Especially from Ep7)

The title "Bad Business" doesn’t represent this show very well, but Bryan and Melissa have great chemistry and conversation around small business topics. I’ve really been enjoying their conversations and got some great ideas from their Holiday Party Etiquette episode - even though Melissa has never seen Star Wars (go listen to Ep 7 and you’ll understand). Fun stuff guys!

A Fun and Informative Show

Bryan and Melissa have a great dynamic and interesting perspective on marketing and business. Definitely worth checking out!


Bryan and Melissa, what an AMAZING PODCAST you put together here! Thank you so much for putting the time into each episode. It’s extremely high quality and I enjoy every one of them!! I recommend this podcast to EVERYONE! - Chris

Love this show!

Bryan and Melissa have a great show!! Great interviews and fun to listen to. Keep up the great work


Bryan and Melissa are rockstars! I love the PR perspective that they bring because I definitely need to learn more about this space. PR is a big part of business and something that I think is often overlooked! Keep rookie’ guys!


What a unique concept. Love the show keep it up!

Great for career changers

Loved it! Honest and upbeat!

A "Bad" To The Bone Podcast

The edge that Bryan and Melissa create for their show sets the tone for some quality, in-depth business tips that every entrepreneur thrives on. Great work!

Focuses on small and mid-sized businesses

In a very crowded market of business podcasts, I wasn't expecting to find such a fresh and enjoyable show that focused on PR and general marketing for the smaller business. I am looking forward to what I hope is a long-running series.


Hilarious and talented. Bryan and Melissa are quite the pair. This podcast is both part valuable and entertaining. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Enjoyable and useful information for small business

Nice banter between Bryan and Melissa. They don't mind disagreeing, but in a very friendly humourous way. Lot's of info for the small business - lessons to listen

Good info & entertaining!

Good mix of entertainment and information. Looking forward to more.

A+ Podcast

Great show for entrepreneurs. Awesome business advice and the hosts rocks. Keep up the good work.

Entertaining & Fun time with Bryan & Melissa!

Love the favorites for the business! I'm with Melissa - I don't use too many apps, but it still is awesome to hear what is working for everyone. Love the fun attitude and the sense of humor in the show, I chuckled the entire time.

...but it's a good type of snarky!

The show is self described as snarky, but it's really just plain entertaining! The hosts have great chemistry! Sets it apart from the typical business podcast.

Great hosts!

I listened to episode 6. Fascinating discussion about who leaves reviews on yelp. Gave me a lot of food for though. I will definitely listen again.

Love this podcast

This show is very organized, great audio and the subject matter "bad business" is brilliant.

Nice Mix Of Information, Banter & Guests

Bad Business does a very nice job of providing some good tips on branding, PR and business while also allowing the personalities of the two hosts to come through. The business guests are a nice change of pace and also provide that real word insight to growing a business. Nice job!

Fun entertaining

Great banter between the hosts. Engaging. Looking forward to more episodes

Great Info, Format, and Tone

This show is a breathe of fresh air! I have fallen in love with the back-and-forth between Bryan and Melissa. The small business nuggets come frequently, and are wrapped in lovely little envelopes of wit. Keep ‘em coming guys.

Really cool twist of BAD and BAD er ah GOOD

PR agencies and marketing LOL this is the first podcast I have heard that covers both. you guys are funny and have a very laid back approach I like.. As well as some really insightful things to do and what not to do.

Great show

Fun, interesting information delivered by folks with great radio voices. Easy to listen. Can't wait to hear what they'll discuss next time.

A Fun Listen

I enjoyed the fun banter and learned some things I didn’t know. Fun show!

Love the “duo” team concept!

This is one of those fun podcasts that you get great info and content and ideas. I love the “DUO” concept as well. Keeps your interest and love the show. I highly recommend it! Jackie/The Intentional Christian Preneur Podcast

A Must for the business owner

Great info for all business owners, small and large.

Like On-Demand Consultants

Good content and variety. I definitely get a good marketing or PR take away from each episode. Considering their experience, I trust these hosts more than other similar podcasts. I would like it a little more if the episodes were less than 30 minutes. Maybe shorter episodes with more frequency each week.

Bad Business is Good Business!

Bryan and Melissa deliver great content about marketing in a funny, yet intelligent way. Whether it's talking about Fat Girl Costumes at WalMart, the new Star Wars movie or how not to act at your company holiday party, the show will keep you entertained!

Enjoyable podcast!

I wasn't sure about this from the description, but it's a fun interesting podcast. I love the banter between the co-hosts. i would recommend.

Entertaining and conversational..

Entertaining and relevant conversational content to enhance your experience as you lead your business!

Great for value-packed bite sized business advice

This show is great because as a small business owner myself, my time is limited, but I want some solid tips on improving my business. Laurel and Melissa are both awesome hosts, fun, and knowledgeable.

Bryan & Melissa - Nailed it!

As a former advertising exec, I've seen and heard good and bad advice on biz. These two nail the advice AND they are just so darn likeable. Great pair. - Joe F

Great new find!

Great help to us small business owners, listened to the first two so far and already grabbed a couple of great take aways! Keep up the great work, look forward to hearing the rest.

Great Show… Awesome Charisma

An amazing show! Bryan and Melissa have great charisma together! Their passion and love for sharing is apparent… Content is relevant… Listen and subscribe! Take your business to the next level!

Very Helpful to Business Owners

I love this podcast and the examples of what not to do in the PR and marketing world. The humor of it really makes it run and worthwhile to listen to. Thanks!

Nice take on a business podcast!

Bad Business is a great show that offers business tips, advice, etc. in a whole different way than what we are used to. Adding humor and entertainment into the business world lightens it up for us and this podcast does just that!


I really enjoy listening to these two and how they interact with each other - give a listen!

It's BAD…in the best possible way :-)

Love this show! ~ John Lee Dumas

New Exciting and Fresh

Good work guys. Great advice, great insight and very helpful; info.

Great Banter!

Great show! These two have excellent banter that makes the useful information more easily digestible than on other shows. I look forward to future episodes.

Great for small businesses

This duo provides great info and advise for small businesses. A great resource to help you with your marketing efforts.

Worth your Time

Overall, i like this podcast. The hosts seem genuine, knowledgeable and relatable. I like the variety of topics and the tone - edgy but not offensive, conversational without being too corporate. My only criticism would be the length. I think it could stand to be a little shorter, allowing for easier listening on quick commutes or while on the treadmill. Hopefully they’ll tighten it up even more because this is a solid start from what I’ve been able to hear.

Actionable business advice for small businesses

Current business topics for the 2015 climate. The two hosts compliment each other. Great tips & guests.

Great banter.. very entertaining.

Love the value add that BB gives the listener. Great concept and delivery. Subscribed.

BAD is the new GOOD!

Melissa and Bryan are witty and informative, I love listening to their show. Definitely worth subscribing to!

Bad before Good...

Why did I decide to get out of my career in marketing? For me it was just too hard, explaining to clients what they were doing wrong. Sure, usually they understood and agreed, but most of the time it just seemed excruciating for them to make the changes they needed. So I decided to leave marketing in the hands of more patient people. Bad Business can help you realize what’s “bad,” so you (I hope) can move in the direction of “good.” Congratulations on this podcast.

Great Podcast

Bryan and Melissa have a ton of experience in Marketing and PR and it’s great to get some of that insight in this podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Marketing Professional

Honest, informative, and entertaining views from people who truly understand the business.

Dynamic and different

Bryan and Melissa this is an awesome show and really taking podcasting to the next level. As the host of StartupDadHQ podcast I really admire what you guys have going on and I really connect with the discussions with regards to small biz owners. @Melissa my wife and I absolutely love midnight people watch on DAT! We literally have gone from midnight to noon with the kids. Yes, we are crazy but we absolutely love it!! Sometimes we buy a few things but it's really about the experience. ~ Joel Louis I also love the music selections between breaks.

Well done!

Love the back and forth between Bryan and Melissa. Great information for entrepreneurs out there!

So Good, it's Bad

Great production, content, chemistry between hosts, and value. Looking forward to hearing more.

Pleasantly Suprised!

I love the kind of sarcastic sense of humor of the hosts. This is definitely not the same old business show! They are definitely honest and they say what they think about something! No sugarcoating an issue, just real opinions! Great idea! Great show! Christy Haussler The Brick and Mortar Reporter

Bryan & Meilssa make this show so fun!

Great take on marketing to your business, while keeping it fun and upbeat. I love the interction betwen them! ~ Maritza Parra

Love the sharp banter!

I really like the different perspective to a business news type of show. Bryan and Melissa are sharp and interesting to listen to. This will be a must add to my podcast rotation. Great work guys!

Excellent and fun new show

A really informative and fun show. I love it.

Good - Bad Business!

Really like the back and forth between Bryan and Melissa. Interesting take on brands, definitely learning perspectives they share to ensure my brand won’t fall into some of the ruts.


A fresh perspective on business and as a business owner myself, I’m excited to be a listener!

Good Show

Worth your time and subscription. Fun and upbeat, which is a welcome change in a podcast like this. Marketing and PR info is applicable to businesses of any size but especially small businesses. Great topics and guests so far.

Great for Entrepreneurs

Happy to have found this little podcast. As a small business owner I find the marketing and public relations advice helpful. Some good "dos and don'ts". I find I learn something new every episode. Looking forward to this one each week.

Informative, Useful and Entertaining!

After the first few episodes, this is definitely worth subscribing to. Useful marketing information for small businesses and the hosts have good, fun banter. I like the format and shorter episodes. Interviews are mostly informative - I like to hear how other businessmen and women got to where they are.