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Good Business

So glad this podcast is back with more great info and insights on building or maintaining a successful business. Keep it up, Bryan!

Great podcast!

Bryan consistently delivers. Great show!!!

Exciting and Intriguing and Interesting

I love the banter between Bryan and Melissa. A different approach to the world of business. A fun show for a serious topic.


Good Info for small businesses everywhere to help them grow

Awesome content

The format is really easy to follow and the content is awesome!!! Can learn quick lessons for every episode. Will be coming back for more principals!

Keep them coming!

This is why I love listening to podcast so much. Great content with great topics. Nice work.

Great Content Delivered with Humor

Bryan and Melissa are a great pair, and make the topic of business interesting and easy to listen to. I just listened to Episode 47 on the topic of “start-ups.” It was nice to listen to them analyze this new buzz word and bring some perspective to this entrepreneurial concept.

Honest and FUN!

You’re not just getting what to do here - you’re getting what NOT to do. Benefit from Bryan and Melissa’s experience - they will rescue you from mistakes you haven’t made yet!

Powerful info

First off, I'm enjoying the production quality of this show. I also like the multiple topics covered and the truly useful info shared ... not just info I've heard before. It's worth the time to listen for sure!

The Good & the Bad Makes this GREAT

Love this show! I've always been fascinated by PR and Marketing that various companies do, and this show takes you deep into the belly and underbelly of this industry.

Love the Angle

I love that Bad Business shares the good AND the bad.. Awesome show here with a fresh new angle!

Straight forward dos and don'ts

I'm liking the banter between the hosts, Bryan and Melissa, but more importantly they're going to tell you straight out, through interviewing their guests, the dos and don'ts of business so you don't have to learn the hard way.

Thanks Bryan and Melissa

Thanks for the tips. This is a really helpful podcast.


Great insights on catch phrases. I am gonna use some just to tease my team. Thanks for the info!

No other podcast like it

I love the super unique angle of this show. The co-hosts have an amazing rapport, and the case studies they discuss are amazingly insightful. LOVE IT. Really glad I found it.

Love your Intro!

This is a great and informative show great dynamic between the host and co host. Your intro is awesome.


This is a great take and twist on business discussions from all the others out there. Keep the podcast going Bryan and Melissa #YouGotThis

Bryan and Melissa Bring It!

I love the fun you bring to serious sh!t that needs to get done. Keep on bringing it!

loving this podcast

Epic show, great value glad to have discovered this. :)

LOVE it!

So much insight and actionable info! And entertaining to boot! What a great resource. I’m your newest loyal listener!

Interesting & Insightful

Great show, really enjoyed listening to some of the insights and banter between the hosts is great too!

Looking forward to more

It’s nice to finally find a business podcast I can connect with!

A MUST For Your Portfolio

I totally applaud the angles that Bryan and Laurel take here! Sooo entertaining, and that grain of truth that makes it all worthwhile! What a great listen!

good show

useful discussions and informative. keep it up!

Worth the listen!

You can hear the chemistry that Laurel and Melissa have right from the beginning. Love the back in forth in the conversation. Very fun to listen to. Great topics and great guests. Very fun to listen to this podcast!

Leap And the Net Will Appear!

I can totally relate to Bryan and Melissa because I too left the "corporate" world to pursue my passion full time. Therefore, it is excellent that there is a show that will help to guide and inspire people through that transition. Awesome show!

It’s the right BAD...

Bryan and Melissa have created a great show. Whether you’re into PR, or want to understand how to get exposure for your product, this is a great place to start.

Bad Business = Great show

Great chemistry between the host. It was like a sunny day! LOL

Fun, Entertaining and Interesting!

Guys really LOVE your show. You two really have energy and connection, which comes through so well. Can't wait to hear more from you guys!

Good Business

Lots of great information in this show. Keep up the great episodes.